Egon Müller

Lifetime Achievements 2000
Scharzhof, Germany

Egon Müller IV born 20 August 1959 is a German winemaker and owner of the wine producer Weingut Egon Müller, Scharzhof, located just outside Wiltingen. The winery is located in the Mosel wine region, more specifically the Saar district. The winery’s prized wines come from the vineyard Scharzhofberg. At present Egon IV, a former student of the University of applied sciences Geisenheim, is in the managing position.

The Egon Müller dynasty is member of the First families of wine organisation. Egon III extended the winery in 1954 by purchasing Weingut “Le Gallais”. This winery with 2.5 hectares (6.2 acres) vines in Wiltingen, comprising the single vineyards “Kupp” and “braune Kupp” hailed originally from family Metz, one of the founders of the Luxembourg-based ARBED. Egon Müller purchased one half and took the part of Madame Rochon at rent. With 35 hl/ha annual bottle production, he is one of the small, but renowned producers in the Mosel region. He is particularly known for the quality of his Rieslings.

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