Richard Geoffroy

Lifetime Achievements 2016
, France

Richard Geoffroy, the scion of a long line of Côte des Blancs vine growers, was born in Vertus (1954), at the heart of Champagne country. Going against what might have seemed to be a predestined career in the world of wine, he took up medicine and received his doctorate in 1982. He then went back to his roots and graduated from the École Nationale d’Œnologie in Reims. Geoffroy began his new profession in wine in the Napa Valley. He rapidly became the technical adviser for overseas Domaine Chandons, acting as a link between Champagne and the New World. This was a second detour in his career, learning his trade on foreign soil before finally fully exercising it in Champagne.

Named Dom Pérignon’s Chef de Cave in 1990, Richard Geoffroy has been watching over the destiny of the legendary wine ever since. As the creator of Dom Pérignon, he is true to the ideal of a continued reinvention. He wrote his Manifesto in 2009. Richard Geoffroy alone is responsible for making, blending and eventually declaring or not a Dom Pérignon vintage – Dom Pérignon is vintage only – Custodian of the oenothèque, Geoffroy decided in 2000 to make this library of older and rare vintages accessible to the followers and lovers of Dom Pérignon.

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